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Hello!  And welcome to our "info" page on eWomen Digital Advantage services. 

Our team is topnotch in providing social platform services to entrepreneurs who need to be "boss" not chief of everything. Everyone needs to market. Online digital marketing changes so quickly, who has time to keep up, much less do it right! 

We can help you!  Scroll through and see what we offer.  Our combined talent averages over 15 years per person, with the same team members also being entrepreneurs and leaders in their field. Throwing an idea up to see if it sticks is not the way to go or immulating those who are not you just because they are successful with their social marketing.  Digital Marketing is methodical.  We come up with a plan, work the plan and watch it succeed!

If you have questions, scroll down to the bottom of this page and send us a note or if you just want to chat on the phone. We will call you!  We are here to give you the "advantage" against your competitors.  Jump in and let's win this "online marketing" game!


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One Time

          • Customized Social Media Audit/Evaluation
          • Structured Social Media Best Practices Guide
          • Specific Facebook Ad Campaign Recommendations
          • Social Media 90 day editorial calendar
          • One-­on­-one summary consultation (up to  one ­hour)

       How This Benefits You:

            • Set you on a course to standout with a winning social media process.
            • Eliminate wasted spending, poor hunches and guess work.
            • Receive a solid, engaging and effective social media plan that can accelerate your success.
            • Hone in on your perfect audience and define the best way to attract and convert them into customers.
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Monthly Charge

You’ll Receive:

             One Time

              • On boarding consultation (up to 90 minutes)

              • Customized Social Media Audit/Evaluation

Monthly (up to 20 hours)

                  • 3 month minimum required contract, then month-to-month
                  • Custom social media plan/strategy including ad campaign strategy
                    • Includes Research, Creation of Monthly Strategy, Targeting, Facebook ad budget recommendations
                    • Our specific Facebook Ad Campaign recommendation
                    • Twice monthly reporting/evaluation/measurement
                    • Monthly Editorial Calendar recommendations
                  • On demand consultative access (up to two 30-minute sessions each month)

How This Benefits You:

                  • We take care of everything for you and you get the Digital Advantage Team at your service.
                  • Set you on a course to standout with a winning social media plan.
                  • Eliminate wasted spending, poor hunches and guess work.
                  • Establish a solid, engaging and effective social media program that can accelerate your success.
                  • Hone in on your perfect audience.
                  • Define the best way to attract them.
                  • Create a custom Facebook ad campaigns and help you convert them into customers.
                  • We’ll operate from a customized social media calendar assuring your plan stays on course and is optimized around your specific goals.
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One Time Fee

          • On boarding strategy session to fine tune your objectives (up to 90 min.)
          • Customized  Social  Media Audit/Evaluation
          • Custom social media plan/strategy. Including ad campaign strategy.
          • Includes, research, creation of a 3­ week ad strategy, targeting, Facebook ad budget recommendations
          • Our Specific Facebook Ad Campaign  Recommendations
          • End of campaign reporting/evaluation/measurement (must launch campaign within 20 days of strategy  delivery)
          • Social Media 90 day editorial calendar recommendations
          • On ­demand consultative access (up to three 30 ­min sessions within 30 days of strategy delivery)

         How This Benefits You:

          • This package takes the weight off you and empowers your eWomen Digital Advantage team to conceptualize, create and implement the ideal ad campaign for you.
          • Will monitor and measure what is happening with your campaign daily.
          • Make any necessary course corrections as shifts occur with your campaign.
          • You’ll standout with a winning social media process.
          • Engagement Advantage eliminates the uncertainty surrounding ad spending and the waste associated with poor campaign research.
          • Align your objectives with your defined audience and get them to pay attention to you.
          • We’ll implement the customized social media calendar we create for you allowing us to optimize your ad effectiveness.
Save $200 paying in full.
We offer a 2 payment plan. 1/2 now and 1/2 next month.  There is a convenience fee associated.
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Do Have Questions?
We would love to help you with your social platforms and making sure your perfect audience knows about you and your services. If you "social media" is not in your wheelhouse and even know the concepts described above is "in the clouds" for you, then lets chat!
Send us an email and we will be back to you and schedule a conversation.